Printable Resources

Please print and share these resources freely, but do not modify in any way. If you host the file on your own site please include a link back to the Canadian Car Seat Network.  Click on the links to open the file (usually a pdf).


Best practice oriented trifold brochure covering all stages of restraints (rear-facing, forward-facing, booster, seat belt) including some general installation tips.  Produced in cooperation with the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada.

Summary of Expiry Dates. Can’t find the expiry date for your seat? Want a quick reference? We have made every effort to verify the accuracy of this list, but mistakes happen. Please tell us if you spot one.  Always double check with the manufacturer.


Recall List for current, non-expired car seats and booster seats. This list included Public Notices and Consumer Information notices and has been amalgamated from Transport Canada’s summaries.  We have made every effort to verify the accuracy of this list, but mistakes happen.  Always double check with Transport Canada and the CRS manufacturer.


Seat Check Form (for CPSAC techs) When completing an in-person seat check, a Technician should document their work on a form such as this one.


Yes/No decision-making tree and can be used for field trips where there are parent drivers, carpool situations, or any transportation scenario.  It’s quick and to the point, and easy to follow.  It focuses primarily on school-aged kids but doesn’t break down how to determine if a child ought to be rear- or forward-facing in a harness — that’s just too much to cover with this one simple tool.


Used Seat Check List. Generally we discourage the use of used seats, but there are times when it might be unavoidable. This list will help you help a parent/caregiver assess a seat.